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The finish line …

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That’s not what the finish line was supposed to look like.

That’s not what the finish line was supposed to feel like.

Nothing compares to that feeling of crossing a finish line in a road race. Passing between two chains of cheering spectators, almost all of them strangers to you and each other, you are urged on to that carpeted, beeping finish line. Immediately, you experience a disoriented state of euphoric pride and pain that lingers for the rest of the day – several days if you’re really lucky. The race is done.  Then the pain subsides and the pride hangs around.  You’re intoxicated by the pride long enough for you to forget what the pain was all about and do it again. Crazy runners.

Every one of those runners at today’s Boston Marathon knows the satisfaction in crossing that finish line.  They all had to qualify for their participation in this event.  They all had worked so long and so hard to experience the agony and excitement in crossing this auspicious finish line – this holy grail of running events.

This time there would be no satisfaction in crossing the finish line. For everyone involved in today’s Boston Marathon, there will only be prolonged shock, sadness and grief.  This time the pain may not subside.

My heart and prayers go out to all those affected by this tragedy, as a runner, as a human being.

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