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There it is …

The deadline is looming…

Just a few days away…

We can see the “Submit” button from here…

Just have to click it and we’re done …

admissions officeI’ve been helping my teenage son complete his post-secondary school applications.  It wasn’t that long ago that I remember filling out my own university applications.  Actually, I do remember now – it’s been over three decades since I even looked at a university application!  Oh well, those applications – they were some great memories.  

I can’t believe how streamlined the entire process is now.  This whole world wide web online application thing is pretty nifty.  Since Canadian schools are the only ones on his radar, there are no SATs to take or scores to submit, so the application itself is fairly standard – at least for the Ontario universities.  What it lacks in applicant differentiation, it makes up for in efficiency and simplicity!  We entered his OEN (Ontario Education Number), his student number, his high school code, then pointed and clicked our way to the Submit button.  His application to Manotick Co-Operative Nursery School back in 1999 wasn’t even this easy – and that involved an in-person interview – because arranging an interview with an alumnus would have been over the top, right?

Now comes the hard part:  the waiting.  This I do remember being extremely tedious.  What follows, God willing, is the equally challenging task of deciding which post-secondary institution I want to visit on a regular basis – I mean – which is the right environment for my son.  Of course, the task of paying for that choice – er –  opportunity of a lifetime – is also still a task at hand as well. As I was saying, God willing …

I’m not sure about my son, but I found the entire university application process so easy, that in fact, I told him that I was thinking maybe of applying to university all over again myself.


“You’re kidding, right?”

Of course I’m kidding dear!  I can hardly leave your father in charge of redecorating your bedroom, now can I?

Bring on those offers, Admissions, I got my paint chips all lined up!

paint chips

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9 responses

  1. Nice! Love the paint chips. Hope there are as many university choices.

  2. The application process is easy compared to the waiting for responses, decision re: what to accept, and the most difficult…the departure. I eagerly await your reflections on this.

  3. I’m so glad Eva filed for early action. I hate the waiting. We found out by Christmas. She picked her top three schools and got into all three then decided not to even bother applying to the secondary ones. Now, the waiting is for financial packages, sigh. It’s always something.

  4. You go girl! Just think, you could be living in a dorm and painting it any one of the colors on those paint chips. Maybe even crash a course that your son’s taking. The sky’s the limit!

  5. Yes…waiting is always the hardest part. You could spend it pinning (Pinterest) additional ideas for that soon to be “new space.” Love the darker shades…lovely and rich, they are.

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