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Reasons Mommy Drinks – A Book Review

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So, there needs to be a reason? Certainly not in my books, but in this hilarious book, Reasons Mommy Drinks, Lyranda Martin Evans and Fiona Stevenson (Three Rivers Press, 2013) give 100 reasons that Mommies drink, along with 100 cocktail recipes (seriously ladies, you couldn’t come up with 365?!) that are almost as funny as the motherhood anecdotes after which they were named. I highly recommend reading it (and copying down the recipes!).  It was a little tough reading a book about drinking during my annual month of detox, but then again, it was refreshing to recall all those ‘new mom’ experiences of new mothers – mostly because I’m well past that stage and can actually laugh at them now.

There is the cocktail aptly named “The Silver Scream” named after mommy’s first foray into humanity after childbirth at a Mommy and Me movie, or a yummy concoction called “A Mudslide” which follows a not so yummy experience with explosive poo.  Well, who hasn’t had an experience with explosive poo and who doesn’t need a drink after it? Of course nothing celebrates baby’s first steps like a drink called the “Walk ‘n’ Roll”, and nothing will restore your sanity after listening to children’s music all day, like the “Raffi-tini”, best served “with Baby Beluga caviar” – bwahahaha! (Oh, yes new mothers, you WILL have that song in your head for the rest of your lives).

The book chronicles the first 18 months of motherhood and though I am now 18 years into motherhood, I still remember all those crazy, sleep-deprived baby days – and how badly I wanted a drink!  Sadly, the book starts off with a series of mock-tails (buzzkill alert) until page 31, beyond the anecdotes of nursing.  And sadly that’s pretty much how motherhood started in real life too, wasn’t it? I wish this book had been around when my first born was 18 months old and my second was already 4 weeks old.  It would have given me great comfort – and great inspiration for cocktails – to know that, a) I wasn’t losing my mind, and b) I actually was losing my mind but I was in very good company!

The only negative I have about the book was the ridiculously small print size.  I don’t know my fonts – all I know is I needed my 1.50 reading glasses to read this book instead of my 1.25’s and that made me feel old. Feeling old sucks.  Feeling old makes me feel like making a cocktail…

The Old Fart Work of Art

Sparkling wine, Prosecco or champagne
Crème de Cassis

Pour a small amount of the crème de cassis in a chilled champagne flute
Top with sparkling wine then sit back and wonder where your teenagers are…

reasons mommy drinks

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  1. Nice review, Astra, but tiny print is a big negative for women of a certain age who can no longer read the fine print on anything. Can I assume it comes with a magnifying glass?

  2. I’m going to have to get this book. Not only do I love cocktails, I’m reliving all the new baby stuff through my friend’s daughter since I started caring for her infant. It’s kind of nice being the wise old nanny. This weekend during my 50th birthday celebration with my BF’s, we ate drank, made merry and then they all made fun of how my family room has reverted back to a playroom and how ironic it is that I have the oldest child going off to college this year. Life is funny. The glasses thing is hysterical…hahaha…not! I need to put my 2.25s on to read BOARD BOOKS!

    • Happy Birthday, Lynne! You must be having lots of fun with your daughter’s friend’s baby! I hope it provides years more of youth and longevity to you (and a few yummy cocktails along the way!!)! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. Great post Astra. I could name a few mommy cocktails of my own. Remember, it’s always cocktail time somewhere. Cheers! Thanks for the morning chuckle.

  4. Nice review. I don’t think I’ll be reading it since I don’t drink. I need to and say I’ll sip a little before bed to relax but I forget I even said it. Thanks for reminding me.

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